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676 Monarch Avenue, Unit 10 Ajax, Ontario L1S 4S2
+1 416 333 2004

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Go from initiation to execution to completion — fast.

Kashden Consulting Group is a leading firm specializing in results-driven solutions to the challenges business leaders face every day. We collect relevant data to understand and analyze the problems, enable changes and deliver solutions to see enduring desired results.

25+ Years of Proven Experience

The firm is led by experienced and successful business leader who has developed his business from ground up and can relate to the ups and downs of running a business. We are decisive, action-oriented and results focused professional with over 25 years of experience as entrepreneurs wearing many hats.

We work with start-up businesses, already established businesses, both successful and troubled and individuals who simply wanted to explore the possibility of starting a business. We have been assisting businesses since 2001 including politicians from all levels and stripes, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, service providers, franchisees and home-based enterprises.

Build Your Business on the Fast Lane.

Kashden makes it easier for business leaders to execute on their most important strategic initiatives. Trusted by clients across the GTA, Kashden helps organizations to organize, understand, and optimize their resources faster.

Accelerate growth with strategic agility.

We continually strive to keep clients at the forefront of the industry in their markets. Our highly knowledgeable, passionate marketing team take pride in offering top-of-the-line expert service and the groundbreaking work that our clients expect of us.

Suresh demonstrated a high level of competency and skill in producing results that were of high quality, and demonstrated expertise like I've never seen before. Suresh is a hard working, intelligent and highly skilled individual. Any company should be grateful to hire him and his staff. Suresh makes an ideal consultant for any organization.

-Donald Blair


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Our History

Welcome to Kashden Business Consulting.

Around the world, great organizations all have one thing in common – they are built by great people who work hard and refuse to compromise. At Kashden Business Consulting, we are fortunate to partner with the very best people in the business.

As a specialist business consulting firm, our professionals are committed to be an innovative, entrepreneurial, client-focused organisation, providing research and consultancy services to clients on a global basis.

We have grown from our humble beginnings to become one of the GTA's most preferred business consulting firms, giving our clients access to unparalleled global resources.

At Kashden Business Consulting, you will find a team that is focused on providing practical advice for business. Offering clients a fresh and innovative approach to consulting projects.
Our goal is simple – we want to be our clients’ preferred provider for business consulting projects to ensure that their businesses, like ours, continue to grow and compete.

Kashden continues to propel ahead by listening to our people, our clients, and our partners.  Clients and partners know they can trust us to deliver to their needs and that we perpetually push ourselves to serve them better.

Come share our journey, share the future.

President & CEO
Suresh Kumar

2000.Our Start

It all started off with the name "Computek Systems"

2005.Opening New Offices

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2010.Hiring Marketing Experts

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2018.Better Solutions for Clients

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2018.Better Solutions for Clients

Camerarius species vix quaestios historia est. Camerarius, bassus tumultumques saepe gratia de teres.


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