Tips When Starting a Business

Starting a business is no easy feat today. The concept of starting a business is so stressful and overwhelming to some that they never pursue their true entrepreneurial calling and passions. We understand there’s a lot that goes into the perfect business launch, so we’re here to provide you with 3 tips when starting a business.

1. Consistent Branding
Branding is so important for cultivating a consumer following. Before you launch a business, you want to think long and hard about your brand and its consistencies. Ensure your logo has a meaning behind it and somehow associated to what you planning to do with your business.

2. Professional Setup
Business infrastructure is a complex thing. Plan everything using a flow chart so you see the big picture. Ensure you have prepared a business plan which includes a budget. Structure your business in a way that you run it like those big guys out there. You will see the difference as you see the outcome.

3. The Right Domain Name
Domains can be expensive. But, they are the portal to your business. Don’t skimp on getting the right one. Your domain name should match your business name. You want to take the time to setup your e-mail accounts, newsletters, and social profiles professionally so your business will stand out and people don’t get the impression you are working out of your basement (it’s okay if you are as many businesses did start in basements but your clients don’t’ have to know that). Also you don’t fall victim to third party e-mail meltdowns, by using Yahoo & Hotmail accounts.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Here at Kashden Consulting Group, we can help with the setup and rollout of any sized business. Give us a call at 413-333-2004 to setup an appointment.




Frank Iusi

"Suresh showed early on that his team building skills, his passion for his work and his ability to get things done quickly are qualities that has carried him on as a successful entrepreneur"


Kula Sellathurai

"Suresh Kumar is a very fine gentleman, who is not only committed to building his business with excellent customer service but also who contributes to community welfare and enhancement."


Geoff Claydon

"Suresh has a great work ethic and provides a consistently high quality level of work for his clients. He is refreshing in a world where too many people are focused on getting as much from you as possible."


Donald Blair

"Having worked with Suresh Kumar and his team before with the Ontario PC Party, I’ve witnessed first-hand their superior work and the quality of that work is maintained to this day."